Global Offshore Solutions

ISF NET’s Global Offshore Solutions take business processes that can be carried out remotely and shifts them to Japan.

Our Japan-based bilingual services are higher quality and cost less than those based in overseas markets, allowing your business to reduce costs and free up employees to concentrate on your core business.

All our engineers are fully employed by ISF NET as our permanent employees. This way we can provide the best personnel and eliminate recruitment costs and the risk of employment mismatches for our clients.

Global Offshore Services Menu

  • Network security solutions
  • Bilingual infrastructure managed services
  • Multilingual help desk
  • L1, L2 support
  • Short-term to long-term projects
  • Sales support (pre-sales)

Key Benefits of Global Offshore Services

High Quality Services at a Low Cost

Japanese services are recognized worldwide for their superior quality and reliability, and they are available at lower cost than comparable services overseas. The core reason is low labor costs, so while employing a Japanese-English bilingual engineer outside Japan can cost upwards of \2m/month, by offshoring to Japan, that cost can be reduced by up to 40%.

Eliminating Risks

ISF NET takes the risk and cost out of securing bilingual engineers. With more than 20 years experience of hiring, training, and developing world-class Japanese-English bilingual infrastructure engineers, ISF NET makes sure you get the right people for your project.

Focus on Core Business

Bilingual engineers act as a communication bridge between Japanese and overseas offices, reducing tasks on the client’s side and allowing employees to focus on their core business.

Case study

  • Customer:
    A Global Telecommunications Company
  • Issue:
    Difficulty finding Japanese and English-speaking engineers with network and security skills in Singapore, where the company’s support team for their Japanese customers is based.
  • Solution:
    Network security support operations are provided by ISF NET in Japan by Japanese and English-speaking engineers.
  • Outcomes:
    Our client is able to meet their customers’ support needs and achieve increased work efficiency. Based on the success of this project, they have expanded their use of ISF NET’s services to other areas of their business, including general IT support and technical sales support.
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