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Digital transformation has become indispensable to enterprises wishing to achieve future growth, strength and competitiveness. Modifying and creating new business models based on the evolution of technologies is the only way to respond to the rapid, ongoing changes in both economic and business practices, and conditions.

As Japan’s leading IT engineer supply and support services company, ISF NET ensures that our employees are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. Through close collaboration with vendors and technical partners, ISF NET is able to respond to the exact requirements of our clients with strategic, future-facing planning and optimal solutions. This approach has enabled us to achieve sustainable growth and corporate resilience for over 20 years. It has also resulted in the training of over 3,000 IT engineers to support our clients’ needs.

Moving forward, ISF NET will use digital transformation, knowledge, and technological power will be the foundation of our clients’ and ISF NET’s own continued success. This will enable us to achieve the principle at the core of our company philosophy:

“To give happiness and satisfaction to everyone involved with ISF NET”.

Our Story So Far

The adoption of network systems and the internet in business in the 1990s created a huge demand for IT engineers. To satisfy this demand, Yukiyoshi Watanabe, ISF NET’s founder, implemented two bold strategies.

The first was to develop in-house talent by hiring and training people with no background in IT, but who had a strong desire to pursue a career in the sector. The second move was to convince clients to accept these inexperienced but skilled engineers as service members. This was achieved by offering low-cost IT talent and services, as well as giving clients the option of hiring ISF NET’s engineers as their own permanent employees should they be satisfied with their skills and performance.

As a result of these strategies, ISF NET grew from five founding members to a workforce of over 600 employees in its first five years. As of June 2023, ISF NET have a roster of over 2,000 engineers who work across Japan and Asia.

Our Future: Parallel Roads

Our vision for the future lies down two parallel roads. On the first road, we will expand our operations globally. ISF NET’s new office in Singapore will be a hub for developing our business in South East Asia and a stepping stone for expansion into Europe and America. The second road will lead us to greater workforce diversity, creating secure and stable jobs for more people from different backgrounds, and providing working conditions that will continuously improve through innovation.

Our journey down both these roads will require a robust global management structure and ever stronger ties with our clients and partners. ISF NET is well on its way to becoming both a global IT powerhouse, and a role model for workforce diversity and excellence in working conditions.

Why Choose ISF NET ?

At ISF NET, we provide the highest quality customer care with customized services to meet your specific needs. What sets us apart is the accredited in-house training that all our engineers undergo before each project which includes business manners, ethics and communication skills development.

  • Over 20 years experience in IT infrastructure.

  • Over 600 projects requiring Japanese-English bilingual engineers

  • A roster of over 290 bilingual engineers providing onsite and remote support

  • Engineers skill sets matched to your technical needs.

  • Offices around the Japan as well as in Korea and Singapore.

  • ISF NET manages your infrastructure, so you can focus on your business


ISF NET is committed to helping create a sustainable society. Our efforts have been recognized by wide number of governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Our ESG measures and achievements include:

EcoVadis Rated

ISF NET is an EcoVadis rated company. EcoVadis is a world leader in sustainability evaluation. It evaluates corporate sustainability based on four pillars: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

United Nations Global Compact (“UNGC”) and Global Compact Network Japan
As part of our Environment and Employment measures, ISF NET supports the ten principles of the UNGC. This is a commitment to confronting the challenges that society faces and participating in the development of a sustainable society and achieving sustainable growth for the ISF NET Group.


  • Recycling of PCs and other IT hardware for resale and reuse
  • Use of eco-friendly cars to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Participation in the Green Purchasing Campaign
  • Introduction of paperless office practices
  • Participation in community-based environmental activities
  • Promotion of telework


  • Support for the Purple Ribbon Movement*
  • Company initiatives to promote Health
  • ISF NET’s Diversity and Inclusion Employment Scheme
  • PRIDE Index Gold Award for 2 consecutive years
  • Ranked as a top-tier company by the Diversity&Inclusion Awards

*The Purple Ribbon Movement raises awareness and works towards the eradication of violence against women.



  • Implementation of broad compliance initiatives
  • Ongoing risk identification and assessment, with countermeasure planning and implementation

Corporate Profile

ISF NET IncEstablished: January 12th, 2000
AddressOAK Akasaka Building 3F 7-1-16, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0052
TEL: +81-3-5786-2301 FAX: +81-3-5786-2309
PresidentYukiyoshi Watanabe
DirectorsSeiki Motomura, Kazuma Hiraiwa
No. of EmployeesInformation is being acquired, please wait a moment…..
Employees holding IT QualificationsCCNA, MCSA, LPIC, Oracle Master Gold, Network Specialists
Group SubsidiariesISF NET Joy,
ISF NET Benefit,
China, Korea, Singapore


  • ISF NET REPORT 2022 (English-edition)
ISF NET REPORT 2022 (japanese-edition)
  • ISF NET REPORT 2022 (japanese-edition)
ISF NET REPORT 2022 (japanese-edition)

Annual Reports

  • ISF NET Annual Report 2021 (English edition)
ISF NET Annual Report 2021 (English edition)
  • ISF NET Annual Report 2021 (Japanese edition)
ISF NET Annual Report 2021 (Japanese edition)
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