Case Studies

Various proposal and stable IT staffing

July 27, 2022

  • Infrastructure Engineer

Good Field & Company Co.,Ltd

Good Field & Company Co.,Ltd. had a shortage of experienced engineers for the customer sites. Since a lack of manpower could lead to lost opportunities, they needed to find a solution. As a result, the client was very satisfied for our various proposal and the stable attendance of the ISFNET engineers.

Background : Shortage of Experienced Engineers
Solutions : Abundant Proposals and Speedy Team Building
Effects : Early Resolution of Problem and Benefits for All Parties

Background of Introduction :
There are many opportunities to receive resident consultations of Managed Service at customer sites. We were worried about opportunity loss because of the labor shortage and that we were not able to meet customers’ requests.

1, A True Partner Who Can Trust

In the early stages , the main consultation was to dispatch engineers, such as “help desk with ○ years of experience” and “Engineer who can handle PC replacement by themself”. After exchanging information on our customers’ requests and our issues, we consulted on specific cases, and found that not only “engineer dispatch” but also solutions that were close to our customers’ requests and our issues. The solution that was close to the customer’s needs and our company’s challenges made us feel a strong sense of security as a true partner.

We introduced ISF NET to our customer, and they said, “We were looking for a company that can respond and quickly propose, and thanks for introducing us to such a good partner!”.

A True Partner Who Can Trust

2, Various Proposals and Results

In consultation with a customer, we received a proposal from ISF NET to be seconded to a four-person team rotation for work that is normally resident by one person.
It was just in COVID-19 pandemic that the proposal caught our attention.
That proposal displaced the anxiety of difficulty to continue the business and daily work when our only engineer could not come to the office.
I was very relieved to have a system where multiple people could understand, share, and respond to the work content.

As a result, the client was very grateful for our proposal and the stable attendance of the ISF NET engineers.

3, Smooth Team Building

In a consultation from another customer, they requested to set up a team and work on a project within our company. We had to urgently consider and coordinate so we consulted with ISF NET immediately.
I understood that it would be very difficult to find multiple experienced engineers in a short period of time, so I thought that this consultation could only be done by ISF NET!
I was honestly surprised by such speedy meetings and the subsequent proposals.
Even from within our company, it had a strong impact. Employees were saying “No way! It’s amazing that the members can get together so quickly!”
It was also attractive that the engineers complete tasks with peace of mind because they are sincere and polite to the customers.

Smooth Team Building

4, Comment for ISF NET,

“It is no exaggeration to say that the support of partners is indispensable.
We are deeply grateful for the support from ISF NET.”
Good Field & Company Co.,Ltd. (GFC) has an important stance of “Think next to the customer and work harder for the customer, rather than just getting the business done”. I feel similar feelings of ISF NET proposals and from the words and actions of the engineers.
We would like to continue to work hand in hand with each other.