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July 27, 2022

  • Infrastructure Engineer

Security & Knowledge Support Services,Inc.

When client started the data centers outsourcing business, it was necessary to review and strengthen their organization. They were in need of engineers due to staff shortage, so they reached out to ISFNET for solutions. We were able to provide candidates which led to great partnership between SKSS and ISFNET.

Background : Resource shortage of the 24/365 Shift support engineers
Solutions : Quick proposal, High quality of engineers
Results : Improvement of shift system and expansion of new projects.

Background :
When we started the data centers outsourcing business, it was necessary to review and strengthen the organization, so I approached my business partners.

1, A new experience with ISF NET

At that time, the shortage of operators forced us to build systems with an unreasonable schedule… so, we proposed solutions to customers, which led to an increase in operators. ISF NET engineers have great character, we reviewed the quality of our service, and hired personnel with higher skills. They were honest, highly motivated, and quick to catch up, which was very helpful. We also appreciated the speed and number of proposals compared to other companies. The flexibility of the company was also outstanding.

A new experience with ISF NET

2, Further business development by working with ISF NET engineers

Working with ISF NET led to the acquisition of kitting projects. They have plenty of resources, and we were able to build a system that met our budget, and to respond to temporary projects.

Further business development by working with ISF NET engineers

3, Strengthen Partnership with ISF NET

We are not only looking for top level engineers as our work is broken down into many tasks. We believe that those who can fulfill the assigned tasks and have good communication skills will be able to handle the work.

Even if the engineers are inexperienced, we can provide on-the-job training and teach them basic tasks, which is beneficial to us in terms of project structure and cost.

Although ISF NET offers very good training, there are of course things that can only be learned by being stationed at a customer’s sites, so I encourage engineers to do so as soon as possible.

For example, Mr. A, who is currently working at our company, often comes to me for advice. He was very quiet when I first met him. He has grown up on the job, taking responsibility and making various efforts. I hope every engineer can grow and develop skills like he did working with us.

We have a lot of projects for operational work, so engineers can raise their level in our organization.
When engineers are able to handle from system construction to operation, and maintenance, ISF NET will no longer need to conduct new sales activities,they can develop their engineers’ skills, and increase their outsourcing fees.

I am glad that we are able to work together and I hope when ISF NET looks back on our partnership, they feel the same way.