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Help Desk Outsourcing and HW Setup

2022/7/27 (Update:2024/4/10)

  • Infrastructure Engineer

Altidea Inc.

Following the sudden departure of some IT staff, Altidea Inc.'s IT department struggled to maintain operating levels and provide IT support for users in their company. When the situation became critical, they turned to ISF NET for a fast and effective solution.

When staff leave a company unexpectedly, their tasks and responsibilities are usually passed to their colleagues in the department, at least until replacement employees can be hired.

This was the situation that the IT department at Altidea found themselves in. Altidea is part of SOU Holdings, a group that provides a range of life support services, from nursery schools and healthcare facilities to nursing homes and ceremony halls. It has operations across Japan and employs over 4,200 people. Altidea provides management services for nursing homes, as well as research and consulting services and has a staff of about 450 people.

The shortage of engineers began to impact Altidea’s remaining IT staff and their ability to provide IT services to the company. In particular, the IT department struggled to handle its core business IT processes while providing adequate help desk support and completing “kitting” tasks. “Kitting” is Japanese English and is a term commonly used in IT in Japan. It refers to the setup work that is carried out when new devices such as computers and mobile devices are introduced in an organization. It includes everything from unpacking and application installation to connecting the device to the company’s network.

As the workload built up at Altidea, they tried assigning some tasks to engineers in another group company, but these engineers lacked an understanding of Altidea’s operations and problems persisted. As Mr. Iida, Altidea’s representative, recalls, “A lot of time was being devoted to fault isolation and kitting work, which became an issue because it hindered the main tasks of our IT staff.”

This is when they turned to ISF NET.

From Consultation to Contract

When a client contacts ISF NET, we immediately set up a consultation meeting to listen to their needs and requirements and discuss service options. From this point, we can move quickly, providing the client with a proposal and quotation, along with skills and experience profiles of suitable engineers. Our services are highly customizable to meet the individual needs of each client. In Altidea’s case, they decided to outsource both their IT Help Desk and kitting processes to ISF NET.

“As is often the case,” Mr. Iida reflects, “not everything went smoothly at the beginning. However, thanks to repeated meetings with ISF NET’s sales and technical representatives, we were able to identify each issue one by one and create a cycle of improvement.”

“With the ability to create extra capacity within the company,” he continues, “we are now working on expanding our system environment and introducing business-critical systems. As a result, we no longer have to put important things off, and we are able to focus on our tasks”

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