Integrated IT Solutions

The One-Stop Solution to All Your IT Needs

Are looking for an outsourcing partner to assist with your company’s IT functions or have a project requiring on-the-spot support? With over 200 bilingual engineers and technicians, ISF NET can help. We have decades of experience and a solid track record handling small, medium and large-scale project. Our depth of knowledge and range of skills, means we can support all your IT functions, optimizing efficiency and performance.


  • System architecture, design and construction
  • System maintenance, operation, and administration
  • Network construction, maintenance, and administration
  • Bilingual IT help desk (Japanese, English, Chinese, etc)
  • Server configuration and software upgrades
  • Large-scale HW/SW deployment/replacement projects

Outsourcing Solutions

If your company needs additional manpower, the ISF NET’s team can help. From a single-day to extensive long-term projects, the ISF NET’s global team can handle both size local or and international outsourcing project.

Our Outsourcing Services

  • Printer setup
  • Data back and restore
  • Network
  • Network configuration and support
  • Onsite support/replacement, upgrades, and customization
  • Wi-Fi survey and setup, server configuration, network survey and performance tuning

Client Benefits

  • Instant staffing for any project
  • High cost effectiveness
  • ISF NET has teams located strategically around the world
  • No need for employment for short term projects
  • Select from fully certified and trained staff
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