[ Infra Engineers (Network,Server,Cloud etc,) who are proficient in English and Japanese ]

Job Outline

You will be involved in projects using both Japanese and English.
★ Projects are assigned based on skills and experience.

Project Examples

  • M365 help desk for domestic and overseas users
  • Cloud and onsite server monitoring, operation, and maintenance
  • Network construction and migration
  • In-house English SE support
  • Cloud environment Linux server construction

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Excellent English and Japanese skills: Min. TOEIC 720+ JPLT N2+
    (Equivalent level even if you do not have the qualification)
  • Practical experience in the IT industry OR IT-related qualifications and certifications
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Job Descriptions


Salary and Benefits,Conditions

  • Basic annual salary ranges from ¥3.6 million to ¥7 million
  • Salary is determined in consideration of skills and experience.
  • Monthly salary includes fixed overtime allowance of ¥30,000 (up to 14 hours) per month.
  • Excess overtime will be paid separately.
  • A separate allowance will be provided in the event of a transfer.
  • The new employee probation period is 3 months

Salary Raises / Bonuses

  • Salary increase - depending on employee performance evaluations salaries will increase annually
  • IRP Incentive Bonus System
    Project-based bonus payments that give engineers a share of profits from the projects they are assigned to.


  • Social insurance (Employment Insurance, Workplace Accident Insurance, General Health Insurance, and National Pension)
  • Company pension , 401K
  • Membership of the Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association
  • Reimbursement for transportation expenses up to ¥100,000.
  • Position and responsibility-based allowances
  • Family allowance:
    For employees who have been with the company for two or more years, an allowance will be paid for each dependent family member listed on the employee's health insurance: Spouse ¥10,000 / Child ¥5,000 / Parent ¥3,000
    *Family allowances are limited to spouses, children, and parents, and other dependents are not eligible.
  • Remote work allowance
    Support for setting up a remote office work environment.
  • Long-term service incentives
    A bonus paid to eligible employees on their 10th and 20th years of service
  • Relocation support
  • Membership of the Smile Mutual Aid Association
    Access to a fund used to support employees facing challenging situations
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Vacation / Leave

  • Two days off per week
    Saturday and Sunday are standard, but days may change depending on the project you are assigned to.
  • Annual Paid Vacation
  • National Holidays
  • Year-end and New Year holidays
  • Care leave
    Available to employees who have family members with care needs.
  • Bereavement leave
  • Maternity / paternity leave
  • Childcare Leave
  • Menstrual leave
  • Long service leave
    5 days available in 10th years of service 6 days available in 20th year of service 7 days available in the 30th years of service
  • Sick leave

Additional Conditions and Benefits

  • Cafeteria plan - food and drink can be purchased at partner companies at a discount
  • Support & training using a multi-cloud environment
    Furnished Dormitory - available to eligible employees for 35,000 yen per month
  • Career Development Program (CDP)
  • Staff may change career path by applying for open positions via internal recruitment As well as training sessions, we provide a video learning app for skill development The company will reimburse the full cost of career-related exams passed and qualification gained.
    President's Award
  • Given to employees for exemplary customer evaluations, performance of duties, career development, and contributions to society.

Work Location

  • The Greater Tokyo Area
  • Remote work is possible depending on the project you are assigned to
  • Global engineer applicants will be given opportunities to work overseas after gaining experience in the Japanese business environment

Working hours

  • Regular work hours: 9:00-18:00 (8 hours of actual work)
  • Staff may be required to do work outside regular hours depending on their assigned project.
  • Overtime may be required - the company-wide average is about 7.8 hours per month
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