Case Studies

Resolve urgent problems with outsourcing

2022/7/27 (Update:2023/4/24)

  • Infrastructure Engineer

Altidea Inc.

Due to the sudden retirement of IT staff, Altidea Inc. had to find someone to substitute. With fault isolation and outsourcing the kitting work, they were able to undertake the main tasks. Currently, we are strengthening our cooperation as a reliable outsourcing partner.

Background to deployment: Business Tightness due to sudden retirement of IT staff
Solutions: Outsourcing the deployment determines the company’s capacity
Results: Post-deployment effective tasks can now be undertaken

1, The burden on the person in charge was increasing on the fault isolation and the kitting work.

Due to the sudden departure of the IT staff, there were no support desk workers.
As an emergency measure, an IT representative from an affiliated company was supposed to take care of the situation concurrently, but he participated in the business without fully understanding our company.
As a result, time was devoted to fault isolation and the kitting work, which hindered the main job of the concurrent employee, which became a problem.

2, Determined to enable the company to create its own capacity

Against this background, I met ISF NET at a very difficult time.
In particular, we thought if we could outsource support desk and kitting work, we would be able to create extra time for our own company. So we decided to work with ISF NET.

3, I had my desk work and PC Kitting handled.

With the ability to create extra capacity within the company, we are now working on expanding our system environment and introducing business-critical systems.As a result, we are free from the situation where we have had to put off important things, and we are embarking on the task that we have.

4, “If you have trouble with IT, ask ISF NET!”

As is often the case with any company, it didn’t go smoothly at the beginning of the introduction.
However, as a result of repeated meetings with ISF NET’s sales and technical representatives, we were able to identify each issue one by one and turn around the cycle of improvement.

And now, whenever a problem arises, even at our on-site nursing care facilities, we used to say “Let’s contact the ISF NET support desk!”.
Currently, we are strengthening our cooperation as a reliable outsourcing partner.