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Integrated IT Service

If you are looking to outsource some or all of your company’s IT functions, or have a project requiring on-the-spot support, ISFnet can help. We have over a decade of experience and a solid track record handling small, medium and large-scale projects. Our depth of knowledge and range of skills, means we can support all your needs and help to optimize their IT functions to increase efficiency and performance.

Services include

  • System architecture, design and construction
  • System maintenance, operation, and administration
  • Network construction, maintenance, and administration
  • Multilingual IT help desk (Japanese, English, Chinese, etc)
  • Server configuration
  • Large-scale HW/SW deployment/replacement projects

Outsource Solution

If you have any scale task which requires man power, and need to outsource project, ISFnet can help. We can help you with short term projects that may last only 1 day or any longer. Team size can also vary from small to many. Depending on your needs, we can customize the service to give best result, nationwide.

Examples of Outsource Solution projects

  • Client PC Setup
  • POS Setup
  • Roll out System Deployment
  • Customized Configuration
    • Onsite Support
    • IMAC/D
    • Replacement or Upgrade of software/firmware
    • Printer Setup
    • Data back and restore
  • Network
    • Network configuration and Support
    • Onsite Support/Replacement, Upgrade, Customization
    • Wifi Survey and Setup, Server Configuration, Network Survey and Performance Tuning

Benefits of Outsource Solutions

  • Highly Cost Effective
  • More than 19 branches in Japan
  • No need to hire new employees for the short term projects
  • No need to train anybody
  • Save time for searching team members